Capital Billing Services, (CBS) has developed a custom billing program that has proven to be very successful and essential for our clients.

CBS designs a custom billing approach for each client. Client’s customers are contacted as agreed upon by the client, with letters customized to include content appropriate to each client.

Private businesses and government entities, both small and large utilize CBS to handle their accounts receivable. This eliminates the need to employ and train people for this task. Simply put, by eliminating the collection duties of one or more employees, CBS clients reduce payroll, related payroll taxes, medical benefits, personal time off, and all expenses related to hiring, training, and supervising the employee(s) employed to handle the collection of accounts receivable.

Capital Billing Services is a division Capital Collections, LLC. This is important when a client’s customer fails to tender payment. The client and CBS agree on a triggering event which results in the transfer of the client’s customer account to Capital Collections. Each account is reviewed by Capital Collection’s legal staff, and when warranted, Capital Collection’s attorney will oversee litigation focused on securing a judgment and collecting the outstanding debt.

With professionals handling your billing and collection needs, each client can spend more time on your business, and do so without incurring the costs and distractions associated with collection. We welcome the opportunity to share with you the specifics of how Capital Billing Services can benefit you.